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In Productivity

By Bow

My Real Website and Lesson Learned from Building it

On 08, Sep 2012 | No Comments | In Productivity | By Bow

Hi everyone, welcome to my first blog post. I wish to write a blog long time ago, but it never happen because I always waiting until everything seems to be PERFECT.

A few months ago, I read a book by Toms Shoes’ Founder: Blake Mycoskie on ”Start something that matters ” His book is very inspired me to start something that really matters, both for my own life and for other people. I found a lots of great quotes, and this is my favourite one:

If you wait for the timing to be right before you make a move, you may never make a move at all.

You totally right, Blake… Why did you told me sooner, huh?

I have been working as a professional web designer for more than 10 years (oh yeah, I did my first client’s project when I was 17 years old). It been a long ten years that I didn’t really have my real portfolio website. I have purchased my domain name and hosting but only various ‘under-construction page’ were shown that only provided my short biography, email, contact number, facebook, twitter and a list goes on as a released of new social networking services born to the world… but, I am still have only under-construction landing page… Is this worse than someone who has a portfolio but never update?

As a web designer myself, I and many friends of mind who do the same job, found that the hardest web design project is to build my own website. I need every part of my website ‘PERFECT’.

Few months ago, I got an inspiration, I quickly sketched the mockup, do the first draft design and completed all layout design for every pages  within 2 hrs.

It’s looks all that were smoothly process, right? But the problems were tend to started after I look at my design one day after it finished, I started talking to myself..

“Ummmm, I think my homepage could be better than this..”

“How can I craft the portfolio section more?”

“Wow, these design techniques and jQuery plug-in are just awesome! Let’s try adapt it with my website!”

… and so on, I can’t stop talking to myself.

So I duplicated my .psd file but after that files, but, it turned out that I deleted all the layers and started with super clean white background. Why I don’t go to the next step, close Photoshop and let my hands dirty with HTML & CSS instead?

It had been an endless loop that stopped me for ten years.

Today, I got this site live because I have realised that there is no such a perfect things, just go to next step, the step of doing and let your hands dirty…

Let’s make something happen today.


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